About Us

Our Story

Just over six months ago, we were thrilled to start this new venture.
The way we see it, Mexican food is now mainstream. Our goal was to bring
excitement, passion and an authentic homeland experience to our
customers. Our team had two things in mind. Serving our Cambridge
community and contribute to our local economy. With many years under our
belt we felt confident that our team was prepared for this challenge.
Our team can not wait to bring you the next new Mexican food flavours in
a ready-to-eat format. All started as a result of our passion for good
Mexican food!


Our company is committed to our local community. We believe in giving
back to the people that are the backbone and foundation of our business.
Our customers. We source many of our food locally to support our
agriculture community in the region. We do our part by purchasing
packaging materials that are biodegradable and good for the environment.
We also started an in-house program to reduce food waste. This year we
will initiate and participate in other programs as we go that are good
for our community and environment.

In the community

Our company is new and vibrant. We want to contribute and enhance the
well being of our local Cambridge community. We are partnering with our
local food bank, charities, community centres and other causes that
directly impact our local community. If you are looking for support or
sponsorships please send us an email to support@unoinnovations.ca.